FAQ's - About TUTA

How do you order BMDi TUTA sharps products?

In Australia and New Zealand, Terumo Corporation are exclusive distributors of our range of disposable collectors.
To order contact:

Level 4, Building B, 11 Talavera Road
Macquarie Park, NSW, 2113
Customer Service 1800 TERUMO (837 866)
Email: cs_australia@terumo.co.jp


Why does your packaging say BMDi TUTA Healthcare?

BMDi Limited was an Australian company formed in 2001 to specialise in the development of products designed to reduce needle-stick injuries with a focus on safety injection, collection and needle destruction devices.

In March 2008, BMDi acquired the business and select assets of TUTA Healthcare to form BMDi TUTA Healthcare Pty Limited, and in 2009, BMDi TUTA acquired the business of Clements Medical Equipment.

With the acquisition of TUTA and then Clements Medical Equipment, the decision was made to change the name of the listed company to MEDICAL AUSTRALIA (ASX: MLA) at the end of 2009, in line with the acquisitive focus of the business and the need to better reflect the growing portfolio of companies owned by the business.

Majority of our products are registered under BMDi TUTA Healthcare as this is Medical Australia’s manufacturing entity. It is a regulatory requirement that the name under which products were registered appears on the packaging.

BMDI TUTA Healthcare is the manufacturer. TUTA is the business division. Medical Australia is the parent entity.