Sharps Disposal Solutions

For all Sharps Containers enquiries, please contact Terumo Australia Pty Ltd

We are proud to be associated with Terumo as our exclusive distributors of our high quality single use sharps disposal solutions in Australia and New Zealand.
Sharps Containers are used for discarding all contaminated sharps waste including used hypodermic needles, syringes, scalpels, lancets and devices used in medical, surgical and home healthcare environments.
All containers have been tested and comply with Australian Standard AS:4031
Terumo offers three types of containers: standard, next generation and large volume for theatres.  Sizes vary from 500mL to 60L capacity.
  • Standard One Piece Sharps Containers: 500mL, 750mL, 1.4L, 3L, 6L, 8L, 10L, 19L
  • Next Generation Sharps Containers: 11L, 17L
  • Large Volume Operating Theatre/ICU Containers: 30L, 60L

There is also a range of distinctive purple coloured containers for handling of sensitive and dangerous cytotoxic contaminated sharps waste.  Available sizes are 1.4L, 10L and 19L.  The 19L container features a larger opening with insert for temporary closure.
Terumo also offer an extensive range of accessories to complement these premium quality sharps containers.  The ability to secure your sharps waste container at an ergonomic height is better for you and safer for your patients.

Recommended Handling Procedures for Sharps Containers:

  • Always inspect containers for signs of penetration before and after handling or transporting.
  • Carry the container by the handle or handles provided – do not hold the container body.
  • Always ensure the lid is closed and tight.
  • Never overfill containers past the maximum fill line.
  • Do not subject the container to unnecessary shocks or vibration.
  • Ensure the container is stored securely and held upright during transportation of any kind.
  • If the container is dropped or mishandled, always inspect it carefully for damage then dispose of it properly.

For more information on handling, please click here.

Terumo Australia Pty Ltd
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T: 1800 837 866
T: 0800 66 77 57

T: 1800 837 866
T: 0800 66 77 57