Surgical and Anaesthesia

Spinal Needles

TUTA offers the Hakko  range of precision spinal tap cannula. Hakko Spinal needles can be smoothly inserted. Extra long spinal needles, manufactured in Japan, feature "Quinke" style bevels. With regular bevel cutting points, back bevels and firm cannula, they offer true tracking to the target.

Hakko Spinal needles have metal stylets and metal hubs that are hand soldered tp the cannula using lead-free solder. Hakko's product quality is confirmed by it's outstanding safety.

Following Hakko products are available:

  • Spinal Tap Cannula 19G x 9cm   - Product Code: 351.201 
  • Spinal Tap Cannula 20G x 9cm   - Product Code: 351.202
  • Spinal Tap Cannula 22G x 9cm   - Product Code: 351.203
  • Spinal Tap Cannula 22G x 5cm   - Product Code: 351.211


Dwell Catheter

  • Dwellcath 12G x 9 cm   - Product Code: 351.365